About us

 The DRAGOSLIS DESIGN is one of the Greek company which started at the beginning of 1976, creating hand-made furniture of modern technology, excellent quality and sketch, which suit to the necessities and esthetics of every modern Greek.

 Its production is between classic to county style and from simple lines and the most modern tends to the furniture to kitchen, wardrobe and also to the furniture of professional and household places.

The cooperation with the biggest European firms (BLUM, Hettich International, KESSEBOHMER, RENNER ITALIA...) insures the exchange the know-how and the supplying of the best first materials and high test mechanism of specification.

 With its continuous modernization, the know-how and with a perfect educational human energetic, makes its name over 35 year’s synonym of its esthetics quality, of its functional and its credibility.  

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